We create great professional business applications for greater value. We focus on design, user friendly and features to ensure excellent user experience and business value.

Our applications require a one-time purchase only. There is no hidden costs and no infrastructure investment.

Content may easily be accessed via an email attachment, iTunes Documents sharing, Intranet site, SharePoint, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and more.

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PDF Mixer & Presenter

We all love PDF document for its portability and compatibility. At Interactive.Plus we offer great tools for iOS devices which allow you to manage and present your PDF documents professionally.

PDF Mixer intuitive design makes it easy to mix, extract, merge and create PDF documents using an iPad and/or iPhone. It also provides document presenter features (draw, highlighter, laser pointer and notes taking). All features are available at your finger tips.

PDF Mixer & Presenter works as a standalone offline application. The is no hidden cost and no need for any infrastructure investment. Stop wasting money on sophisticated and costly solutions for your business!

For business meetings and presentations on iOS devices PDF Mixer is your best companion.

PDF Mixer App Store


Would you like to try before buying PDF Mixer & Presenter.
PDF Mixer PLUS provides access to all functionalities of PDF Mixer & Presenter.
If you like this app, you can unlock full access using In-App Purchase directly.

PDF Mixer PLUS App Store

LEDGE Browser

We have created something which goes beyond just browsing the web.
LEDGE Browser provides much more such as manage, annotate, share and capture web pages.

Use this to manage and share web pages. When you see something interesting you can highlight it, take a note directly on the page, and send it to someone along with any annotations you have made.

No need for complicated forms or disconnected sharing options. Ledge browser directly uses your built in functionalities to share. It's simple and convenient.

It works on both iPhone and iPad (in split-screen multitasking on new devices and optimized for iPad Pro).
Let's browse and share with LEDGE !

LEDGE Browser App Store

HTML Mixer & Presenter

All the features of PDF Mixer & Presenter plus presentation of online and offline HTML content, video and images. The application provides a complete interactive experience for business presentations.

Users can customize their presentation on the fly by using Slide Sorter and Slide Bookmark functionality.
HTML Presenter accepts standard HTML, with no need for additional specific platform coding.

HTML Presenter is also intelligently built to auto generate the HTML navigation system including Navigation Toolbar with thumbnails and Screen Edge swiping.

HTML Presenter works as a standalone offline application. There is no hidden cost and no need for any infrastructure investment. Stop wasting money on sophisticated and costly solutions for your business!

HTML Mixer & Presenter App Store

Manage Documents

Easy to organise documents using drag-n-drop to re-arrange files, bookmarking into favorites, and adding documents into briefcase ready for the next meeting. Find documents instantly using our dynamic search feature.


Present Documents

Presenting html, pdf, video or images is fast and simple in full screen mode without any interruption.


Presentation Tools

During a presentation users have access to presentation tools for drawing, highlighting and laser pointing. It has never been easier to present interactively from an iPad.


Notes Taking

Instantly capture notes and comments with one single click during the presentation. Notes can be used to remind yourself of what was discussed or to share with people following the presentation.


Clouds Storage

Cloud storage provides instant access to your files using iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, SFTP, FTP, website or intranet.



Our applications are designed to be simple, professional and personal. When you customize the look and feel to fit your personal style and branding your personalization is synchronized accross devices. There are unlimited personalization possibilities.